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WiFi Connectivity

Secure mobile WiFi that you can plug in and go…

Do you want a failsafe for your traditional broadband, so your business can keep going even when your internet is down? Perhaps you work in a remote location, with poor broadband connectivity. Maybe you have a short-term or specialist internet requirement, for a festival or at a construction site?

At Eurolink, we have developed a secure, affordable WiFi hub, that you can plug in and use, working on SIM technology and providing you with consistent, reliable broadband provision. CloudCase WiFi comes in a box, already set-up and you can simply plug-in and play.

Benefits of CloudCase WiFi:

  • Instant set-up; no waiting for installations and no costly installation fees
  • WiFi where you need it, when you need it nothing more, nothing less
  • Portable, reliable and robust
  • Can be used to create a network for multiple users
  • Set-up a VPN, data share by Ethernet and you can even plug in a printer too!


The pricing structure is simple, with a one-off fee for the hub, and then a monthly data allowance which is flexible and affordable. There are no installation charges.

Marketing Analytics

If you want to use CloudCase WiFi to establish a reliable, accessible, public-WiFi hotspot for your customers, you can! Even better, it comes with built-in data capture and marketing analytics so you can see who is using it, limit how they are using it, and can capture data to support your customer marketing. Here are some of the product features:

Legal Protection

In the last few years, there have been an increasing number of court cases and fines prosecuting businesses for illegal downloads. Unfortunately, these illegal downloads are often made by clients or guests, yet there is no traceability and so the business, not the individual, is liable. With CloudCase WiFi customer anonymity is removed, giving you real-time data on browsing sessions and allowing you to legally link specific activity to specific customers. It might be few and far between, but this feature could save you from unexpected fines should someone use your service to download illegal files.

A Growing Marketing Database

Recording specific personal details input by the customer themselves, you are free to communicate with these new customers direct and add them to your marketing campaigns. It is estimated that 75% of customers will opt-in to receive marketing messages (particularly with the right incentives), so your database could grow by 75 people for every 100 who use the WiFi service. Translate that into repeat visits and more sales through loyalty, incentive and discount initiatives and the WiFi will pay for itself.

Instant Direct Marketing

It is easier to get sales from existing customers than to generate more; so the person already sat in your premises is more likely to buy than someone walking past. The CloudCase WiFi marketing system allows you to direct message your customers while they are in the building, offering incentives for time-sensitive additional purchases and repeat visits; used properly, this can increase the average spend per head, generate additional daily sales and ensure repeat visits in the future.

Social Media Connectivity

If a customer has logged in using an existing social media account, you can incentivise and encourage them to promote you via social media, even going as far as offering pre-programmed messages. It might sound odd, but this will help you maximise word of mouth promotion and can be a great way of encouraging footfall and brand awareness.

If CloudCase WiFi sounds like what you need, or you would like some more information, please call us on 01453 700 800.

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