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Telephone Lines & Calls

Telephone lines, phone numbers and call rates are an integral consideration for any office infrastructure and choosing the right supplier is important. Eurolink Connect is a renowned communication provider who works with wholesale suppliers to deliver a fully-managed, efficient, installation and maintenance service.

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  1. Telephone Lines

    Eurolink connect is able to install telephone lines, supply dedicated numbers and provide ongoing maintenance, ensuring a reliable and efficient service for our customers.

    Eurolink is a communication provider in the UK, and we have been working with BT/Openreach directly since 2006. BT/Openreach operate the best network in the country, but will only supply their service to communication providers. Businesses then need to source these services via a chosen communication provider like us.

    Eurolink is a leading communication provider due to our customer understanding, and relationship and service values, as well our ability to deliver cost effective solutions. Our staff are highly trained in the network infrastructure and have the knowledge and understanding to recommend the right type of lines for your business; they will manage the installation and change-over to suit individual needs.

    Working with Openreach, we have direct channels to their engineering resources and teams, as well as access to their network information and ordering processes. This means we can raise faults directly with them, and our staff all understand the products and can assist with regular updates.

  2. Telephone Calls

    Our core supplier of calls is Gamma, who is a certified CarbonNeutral company. They are one of the largest providers of telecoms services and related applications, taking their responsibilities very seriously and developing an excellent reputation in the process. Committed not just to being the greenest provider, they also strive to be a low cost operator, with savings ultimately passed on to our clients.

  3. DDI Billing

    We can provide DDI billing so that outbound calls can be measured and reported against specified name/nominal codes to assist with client accounting and performance measures. This helps you to understand the number of calls made relating to a specific project or client. This service is subject to the telephone system being able to output the DDI to the network.

  4. Service Levels

    Eurolink with apply best endeavours to ensure that service is available at all times and where faults occur will ensure that Openreach are promptly advised of the issue and that the customer is kept appraised of updates.

    The service level agreements for lines are as below:

    Service Levels Care Level Target Fix Times

    Level 1

    Clear by 23:59 day after next plus 1 day, Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays, e.g. report Tuesday, clear Thursday.

    Level 2

    Clear by 23:59 day after next, Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays, e.g. report Tuesday, clear Wednesday.

    Level 3

    Report by 13:00, clear by 23:59 same day. Report after 13:00 clear by 12:59 next day, seven days a week, including Public and Bank Holidays.

    Level 4

    Clear within 6 hours, any time of day, any day.

    In circumstances where a fault prevents service, the customer will be offered the opportunity to divert calls to an alternative number.

If these services are of interest, or you would like some more information, please call us on 01453 700 800.

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