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SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is an increasingly popular, cost-effective solution for business communication, utilising company infrastructure and providing more flexibility.

Traditionally companies run their communications through ISDN lines, however with SIP, businesses can utilise a number of channels through either a Broadband or Ethernet connection. Numbers can present various STD codes and together with the knowledge that you are backed by a highly resilient platform, an extensive UK network, and very competitive rates, this presents a compelling alternative to traditional line types.

Benefits include:

  • Reliable and resilient
  • Access to all UK number ranges, no longer the restrictions of a BT exchange i.e. businesses can choose their area code and number
  • Gives multisite operations the ability to work on one system as well as offering free calls within the group
  • Lower connection and rental charges compared to ISDN
  • Scalable solution and flexibility to add channels as required
  • Access to and compliant with Emergency Services
  • Ability to redirect call routing in a matter of minutes
  • Compliant with leading PBX telephone systems

In addition, along with other IP solutions, customers can integrate the different products into their framework and benefit from a customised solution providing free inter-site calls.

Choosing SIP will offer businesses an established service using a network which already has over 50,000 SIP trunks in operation. If this service is of interest, or you would like some more information, please call us on 01453 700800.

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