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Eurolink Protect

Simple cyber security for your business…

Proven effectiveness for Commercial, Education and Guest Networks.

Your cyber security is only as effective as the people that use your system, which means new staff, visitors, pupils or guests create an unquantifiable vulnerability. You don’t want to ban them from using your system, but nor is it realistic to demand they undertake extensive training to match your cyber security policy. So how do you overcome the risks they create?

Eurolink Protect is a policy-based, web content filter, which is adapted to your business and your expected staff behaviours. It works at a domain level to enable access to secure, low-risk sites, while restricting and blocking access to potentially unsecure or infected sites, or sites which you deem unnecessary to your business processes. This filtering is bespoke to your business, and is set according to an agreed policy, rather than a pre-determined list, although some sites of course will always be flagged. As a result, the software is an effective preventer of Malware, Phishing Scams and Ransomware, and can also increase staff productivity by reducing distractions, without unnecessarily impacting on your business capabilities or performance.

As it is installed at a domain level, the software operates as a gatekeeper to your system, reducing the number of threats that reach your business in the first place. This helps to reduce any antivirus vulnerability presented by the ever-evolving viruses, and also effectively reduces the risk of human error in your cyber security policy.

Installing Eurolink Protect

Installing Eurolink Protect is quick and easy, and costs as little as £2.50 per month. Your business hardware will have an agent application installed, which recognises the user and applies the correct browsing policy for that user. Any network guests, or unidentified users will be presented with the default browsing policy as agreed under your cyber security policy.

  1. Corporate Policy

    Any hardware owned or leased by your company will be updated with an agent application, which is used to identify the user that is logged in. In turn, the logged in user will be able to browse as normal, but will be restricted from any sites deemed unsafe or unnecessary by your policy. If any hardware e.g. laptops are used offsite or on unsecured networks, the policy will still work and will still protect your user.

    As well as dictating ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ sites to reduce risks, you can also set policy according to user levels, which can be useful for distinguishing between managers and administrative staff, teachers and pupils, staff and external contractors etc.

    Policy can be as simple as banning websites in a specific category e.g. chat rooms, social media, shopping sites etc. or can be highly specific and dependent on the user e.g. only the marketing department can access Facebook and Twitter.

    Full reporting is available along with usage alerts to highlight irregular or high-risk behaviours.

  2. Default Policy

    The default browsing policy will be used for guests (or a guest / visitor policy can be set-up), or be presented when a user isn’t logged in. This is the most restricted access level of Eurolink Protect.

  3. Guest Networks

    Eurolink can set up a separate WiFi network for guests and visitors, which can also be used by staff for non-business devices such as personal mobiles or tablets. This policy can be less restrictive than the default policy, and more tailored to your business, without significantly increasing the risk presented by non-policy-compliant devices or individuals.


A suite of automated reports will be delivered to a designated email address, providing information on the number of sites which were blocked after attempted access. You will also have access to a user-friendly portal to interrogate the data further and there are also user alerts to notify an appointed security employee of any access requests to blocked sites.

If Eurolink Protect can benefit your business cyber security, or you would like some more information, please call us on 01453 700 800.

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