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Intelligent SMS

Intelligent SMS or Text Messaging can be beneficial for marketing communications or operational infrastructure, providing low-cost communications which benefit from real-time response. Eurolink provide a friendly web-based messaging platform, which allows you to deliver SMS/text as part of your marketing and operational communications; allowing you to manage traditional and new messaging services, with all types of communication being sent and received.

With the message manager you can broadcast SMS communications in bulk and can dictate how responses are received; full reporting is also available for each campaign. Instant access means there are no set-up time or delays; it is just a matter of uploading your contacts, creating your SMS and sending it worldwide. Unlike other providers we keep a complete record of all inbound and outbound messaging communications sent over the last 13 months.

Where you require integration into your own CRM there is an application programming interface available. The API options include SMPP, HTTP, web services and .net. You have the facility to create a messaging account on the website and use the login details to connect via your chosen API option. APIs and web services are freely available to download from the portal.

Dedicated long numbers are available for inbound and outbound texts with the same format as a mobile number allowing your customers to text you back and you can dictate where these route, either onto your portal or into an email box. You are in control and can manage each individual campaign by setting rules to meet with your requirements.

The system has particular intelligent services built in to allow intelligent query, filtering and tracking which leads to savings for you. Through filtering the system you are assured that you are not wasting money in sending messages to dead numbers, you can filter numbers with a high propensity to opt out of SMS, which reduces risk of brand damage.

Right Message – Right Person – Right Time – Every Time.

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