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Hosted IT Solutions & Support

IT Technology underpins businesses, so it is important that it works well. Eurolink Connect offer dedicated IT solutions and support including hosting of emails and documents, on-site and remote PC support and branded products. Whatever solution you choose, we’ll work to understand your business and become your ‘IT department’ or act as back-up for your existing one, to help limit faults, downtime and ensure maximum efficiency across the board. We can also help maintain and upgrade systems and recommend new hard and software to suit your business needs. Our team is fully qualified and trained to the highest standards, and we are recognised by and licensed cloud solution provider to Microsoft as well as other well-known service providers.

Solutions include:

  1. Office 365

    Secure, scalable, cost-effective emails

    At Eurolink, we are Microsoft Certified and approved and can offer Office365 Essentials as well as Office365 Business. These platforms come with: 

    • Office ensuring you are up to date with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more;
    • Email & calendars allowing you to connect with customers and colleagues using Outlook and Exchange
    • File Storage with access from anywhere with 1TB of storage
    • Collaboration services with Microsoft Teams, online meetings and messaging
    • Data protection controls to help secure your business data on personal and company-owned devices
    • Safest Windows providing upgrade paths
    • Cyberthreat protection to help protect PCs from malware, viruses and spyware
    • Dependability and support with 99.9% uptime guaranteed and 24/7 support
  2. SharePoint Document Management System

    Simple, accessible, maintenance free document management

    As an alternative to purchasing additional servers, Eurolink offer Microsoft SharePoint Document Management System, giving companies the opportunity to create, share, monitor and secure any document as standard. Backed-up off-site, SharePoint often forms part of a company intranet; individuals can use it to access company information remotely, dictate who can access specific documents, collate relevant changes from multiple users and centrally control calendars, all from a simple cloud based web portal, which is accessed from a laptop or tablet.

    Key benefits include:

    • Low monthly cost
    • No expensive servers
    • No tape backups to take home every night
    • Complete control of access and user rights
    • Access from anywhere
  3. Microsoft 365 Business

    You've probably heard about Office 365 (see above), but have you heard about Microsoft 365 Business? A bigger and better upgrade that offers new features and saves money on third-party applications?

    Microsoft 365 Business offers everything you get with Office 365, but provides SMEs with a range of additional features including Windows 10 Pro, additional security management features, employee scheduling, customer bookings, CRM, invoicing, mobile device management (MDM), email marketing, collaboration, cloud storage, security and more. The advantage of this upgrade is that this is a platform that businesses and their employees are already familiar with, while in many cases it removes the need for may third-party software solutions.

    Some businesses will already have Office 365 Business Premium (an older upgrade to Office 365) and there are no plans for this to be removed. Importantly however, what Office 365 Business Premium lacks that the newer solution includes is mobile device management (MDM), Windows 10 enhancements, and security management for both information and employees. The three primary defining features of Microsoft 365 Business are the administrative dashboard, the business centre and the inclusion of Microsoft StaffHub in the subscription fee.

  4. Remote PC & Server Support

    Specialist PC and Mac support

    We use the latest remote desktop control to diagnose and repair faults on PC, Macs and Microsoft Server Products, and can also help with IT issues ę °articularly with Microsoft Office products. In addition to offering monthly PC support, we can also provide rescue sessions on an ad hoc basis. Efficient and affordable, our support service provides unlimited access to our specialist team, throughout the working week.

  5. ESET Security

    To provide all the security you need for your desktop and mobile devices, Eurolink is an approved ESET Security installer and can provide:

    ESET Endpoint Antivirus - offering state-of-the-art, proactive, malware defence without negatively impacting your staff, or causing PC slowdowns, and without keeping your IT staff tied up. Your IT security staff can oversee security across your entire network from a single location using ESET’s remote administration utility. They can also customise a whole host of settings to ensure that your security is working precisely as you need it to. Our advanced reporting features also keep your IT staff abreast of network activity, server load and other essential aspects of your network and you can designate critical thresholds that will trigger notifications, allowing you to take any necessary actions quickly and decisively.

    Alongside the extensive IT benefits provided by ESET Endpoint Antivirus, you can also take advantage of some valuable business benefits. The Device Control functionality keeps your system safe from potential threats brought in by your employees, accidentally or otherwise, by keeping unauthorised USBs and CDs off company machines. Simple management of all past, present and future ESET security solutions allows for stress-free updating and control.

    ESET EndPoint AntiVirus Mobile Security - AntiVirus protection for your mobile devices, preventing business devices being compromised and ensuring that personal devices do not contiminate work facilities. The software helps you to easily filter unwanted or unsolicited phone calls or SMS; will scan apps as they are installed, which is particularly useful when downloading apps from third-party apps stores or installing from an apk; will scan on-demand whilst charging or at scheduled times; all with the same detection rates seen in ESET’s award winning NOD32.

If these services are of interest, or you would like some more information, please call us on 01453 700 800.

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